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Community Centre

Community Courses and Venue Hire

Welcome to our community centre, where we offer a range of empowering courses and versatile venue hire options.


Our centre is dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations in achieving their goals, fostering growth, and building stronger communities.

Community Centre Courses

At the Miss Rotorua Foundation, we are dedicated to empowering individuals and uplifting our community through a diverse range of courses. Our community center is a hub for personal growth, skill development, and artistic expression.


We believe in providing opportunities for everyone, fostering confidence, independence, and a sense of purpose.


Our courses are designed to support participants in their journeys towards achieving their goals and making meaningful contributions to society. Join us in our commitment to community and the arts through our enriching and transformative programs.


What's on Offer

Mana Wahine
An 8-week course designed to help women build confidence and gain new opportunities and skills.

Following the course, we provide a 6-month wrap-around service to support students in their journey towards education or stable employment.


Our goal is to help women transition off benefits, fostering independence, financial stability, and a sense of purpose.


Many of our participants have successfully moved from benefits to jobs, travel, or new living arrangements, setting and achieving personal goals along the way.

Mana Tane
This 8-week course focuses on empowering men to gain confidence and secure stable financial futures. 

We aim to transition men off benefits and into meaningful employment, benefiting themselves, their families, and their futures.


The course emphasises physical activities and hands-on experiences to enhance participants' resumes and work experience.

Models Course
An 8-week program open to individuals of all ages, sizes, and genders. 

This course offers experiences, photoshoots, and portfolio development to help participants apply to modeling agencies and develop skills for future opportunities.

Wheel, Tracks, and Rollers / Class 2
This course provides fully licensed drivers (holding a full license for at least a year) on benefits the chance to obtain their Class 2 truck driver's license. 

The course covers all expenses, including medical exams, AA testing, and the driver's test, offering a pathway to employment in physically demanding roles.

Get Involved

Ready to take the next step in your personal and professional journey?

Our courses are designed to empower and support you in achieving your goals.

Whether you're looking to build confidence, gain new skills, or explore new opportunities, we have a program for you. Submit the form below for more information or to enrol in one of our transformative courses.

Which Course/s are you interested in?
Venue Hire

Our community center offers versatile venue hire options designed to meet the needs of a wide range of events and activities.


Whether you're a non-profit organization seeking a free space for your initiatives or a for-profit entity looking for a convenient and affordable location, our venue is equipped to accommodate your requirements.


By hiring our venue, you are not only securing a great space for your classes, workshops or events but also supporting the Miss Rotorua Foundation's mission to foster community growth and artistic expression.


Venue and Hire Details

Our Venue Details
Our venue space is designed to accommodate a variety of events and activities, offering a comfortable and versatile environment. 

The space includes a full kitchen and bathroom, providing all the amenities needed for your gatherings.


The venue can comfortably fit around 40 people, with the capacity to host more if it's a standing-only event.

Additionally, there is a large mirror, making it ideal for activities such as dance, fitness classes, and other events where visibility is key.

Whether you're hosting a workshop, a community meeting, or a special event, our venue provides the perfect setting.

Venue Hire
Our studio is available for hire to support your events and activities:

Venue Hire Fees:

  • Non-profit Organisations: Free

  • For-profit Activities: $35 per hour

If you are interested in hiring our venue or want more details about our courses, please contact us. 

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