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The Miss Rotorua Pageant

The Miss Rotorua Foundation runs two glittering programs annually - The Miss Rotorua Beauty Pageant and The Miss Rotorua Stiletto Camp.

Our 2024 Pageant is underway and closed for entries. Watch this space for event information and all the latest Miss Rotorua news. If you'd like to be involved in supporting us, please get in touch. 

2024 marks a celebratory 70th year for Miss Rotorua, and Te Arawa Pageantry.


The pageant provides Rotorua national and international attention-Alongside promoting culture and arts.


Through our annual pageant and year-round initiatives, the foundation not only celebrates culture, beauty and talent but also champions social awareness and community service.

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Stiletto Camp

Miss Rotorua Foundation also provides a 12 week life skills programme called Stiletto Camp - focused on whanaunga tanga, career development, community work social services, and performing arts.
The program provides vocational development- skill building in catwalk/stage performance, youth services, job training, counselling services, health programs and Tikanga Wananga.


Miss Rotorua has opened doors between many cultures. The foundation has provided Maori culture experiences working with the local Iwi of Te Arawa.


The pageant has produced concerts involving Spanish, Pilipino, Cook Island, European, South African, Indian, and Maori Cultures. Promoting the diversity in the region and providing social services inclusive to the community.


Miss Rotorua is the only Maori owned and operated Beauty Pageant in the world.


High Fashion communities are the predominant audience. With social etiquette / Mana Maori/ and Fashion culture installed into the foundation values.

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Empowering communities through Charity and Pageantry

The Miss Rotorua Foundation stands as a beacon of hope and support within the Rotorua community, blending the glamour of pageantry with the profound impact of charitable work.


Since its inception, the foundation has dedicated itself to uplifting local families, supporting diverse causes, and fostering a culture of giving among its participants.

charity gala

Crowning Night Event

Our annual Miss Rotorua Crowning Night Charity Gala strives to support the community it serves. 

Since 2017 our annual Miss Rotorua Crowning Night Charity Gala has raised over a Million Dollars for local charities in Rotorua.

Community Impact

The Miss Rotorua Foundation has been a cornerstone of support for the Rotorua community, providing essential youth and whanau services to over 100 families. Through its annual pageant, the foundation raises significant funds for critical social issues, having collected over $1M to date.


The pageant's fundraising efforts benefit a diverse range of social causes including homeless welfare, special needs care, animal protection, Hauora services, and the creative arts.


The foundation's contributions have supported numerous registered charities such as:

the Rotorua Community Hospice, Salvation Army Rotorua, Rotorua Maori Wardens, Rotorua Arts Village, Special Olympics Rotorua, The Movement, BRAVE NZ, SPCA, NZ Cat Foundation, and LOVE SOUP ROTORUA.


Pageant culture is ingrained in charity. Social awareness and fund-raising is a key goal of the foundation.


Every year contestants are expected to raise $1000 for their selected local charity. The contestants will be divided between 5 charities. Requiring the contestants to promote, fund-raise, and volunteer at the charity.


Our 2024 charities are:

Love Soup and Rotorua Clothing Exchange

A Legacy Revived:
The Evolution of Miss Rotorua

The Miss Rotorua Foundation embodies a rich history intertwined with contemporary values, celebrating both the legacy of past pageant queens and the modern vision of inclusivity and community service.


From its origins in the mid-20th century to its revival in recent years, the foundation continues to provide opportunities, foster empowerment, and promote the cultural heritage of Rotorua. Through a blend of tradition and innovation, the Miss Rotorua Foundation stands as a testament to the enduring spirit and evolving aspirations of its community.


Miss Rotorua has a great legacy. Established in 1947 and closed in 1999. The city was built on pageant culture. In 1954 Moana Manley from Rotorua won Miss New Zealand as the first to Maori to win Miss NZ. Maureen Kingi won Miss New Zealand in 1962. 1971 Linda Edwards from Rotorua won Miss New Zealand. In 1975 Rotorua’s Janet Nugent won Miss New Zealand. Our focus is to restore the experience for the generation of today. Creating new historical moments, while creating opportunities for the women of Rotorua.


We not only offer regional and national opportunities but also international recognition. Rotoruas pageant history is rich with 11 pageants in the region from 1926-2002. It is exciting to dedicate Miss Rotorua to the pageant queens of the past.


In 2017 History was made again when the Miss Rotorua Foundation was re-established. Now the modern pageant is in its 3 rd year and is bigger than ever.


Modern Times

Founder of the modern pageant Kharl WiRepa decided to remove the swim suit section, eliminated the age restriction, allowed tattoos into the pageant- and removed the rules that prevented solo Mothers from competing.


In 2017 the Miss Rotorua Beauty Pageant became the Miss Rotorua Foundation - Focusing more on social services and the community aspects of the pageant culture- But still keeping the Fashion and performing arts traditions on stage.


The Foundation also promotes Rotorua as a whole. With international attention. And works among the local business community dealing in many partnerships.


The Miss Rotorua Foundation was awarded The Kiwi Bank Community Hero Medal, in 2017. And has featured in media both locally and around the world. Including in international pageant publications - National Television - Radio. Newspapers, and many magazines. Noted as the Most Glamorous Event in New Zealand.

Past Winners



Miss Rotorua Gala night to be held on the 20th July 2024. 

Tickets for this event are now available



Mrs Rotorua: Autumn James
Miss Te Arawa: Maioha Raukawa Phillips
Miss Mana Wāhine: Mihikore Te Rangi
Miss Teen Rotorua: Amaleigh Manktelow
Miss Multicultural: Dushi De Silva
Miss People’s Choice: Pareuruora Rangirangi
Miss Congeniality: Pareuruora Rangirangi
Miss Bay of Plenty: Braxton Te Riini
MISS ROTORUA: Pareuruora Rangirangi


Miss Te Arawa: Merepeka Raukawa-Tait
Mrs Rotorua: Lua Vu Palfrey
Miss Mana Wāhine: Celestina Aolele-Grant
Miss Teen Rotorua: Jasmine Clarke
Miss Multicultura: Jevilyn Basical
Miss People's Choice: Shakeera Ututaonga


Miss Te Arawa: Te Aroha Hapi
Mrs Rotorua: Karina Binoy
Miss Teen Rotorua: Ada Fraser
Miss Mana Wahine: Ashwini Ram
Miss Multicultural: Shivangi Segvakar


Miss Te Arawa: Ngahuia Hona Paku
Mrs Rotorua: Anita Cole
Miss Teen Rotorua: Ani Taare
Miss Mana Wahine: Anahera Rangitoheriri
Miss Multicultural: Devki Oza
MISS ROTORUA: Atutahi Potaka Dewes


Miss Community: Aimee Wolfgram
Miss Congeniality: Cinice Karauria
Miss Peoples Choice: Aimee Wolfgram
Miss teen Rotorua: Chloe Winton
Miss Te Arawa: Aimee Wolfgram
Mrs Rotorua: Kristal Pehi


Miss Teen Rotorua: Azrael Hansen
Miss Te Arawa: Tia Chadwick
Mrs Rotorua: Stallone Edmonds
MISS ROTORUA: Nicole Agnew


Miss Teen Rotorua : Promise Royal
Miss Te Arawa: Mariana Morrison
Mrs Rotorua: Leonie Pargeter
MISS ROTORUA: Nesha Moynihan

National Success

Celebrate the achievements of Miss Rotorua contestants who have made a significant impact on a national level.


Discover their inspiring journeys and contributions beyond our pageant.

Leonie Pargeter: Mrs Regency NZ 2017
Preslee Stevens: Miss Teen NZ 2017
Amrisha Sumeran: Miss Earth NZ Top 5 2017
Mariana Morrison: Mrs NZ 2 nd runner up
Promise Royal: Miss Universe NZ top 25
Charissa Rehu: Miss Universe 2019
Azrael Hansen: Miss Teen NZ Top 3 2019
Ryda Matthews: Miss Teen NZ Finalist 2019
Tylan Marie: Miss Global Elite NZ Finalist 2018
Yazmine Hapeta: Miss Asia Pacific Finalist

International Success

Explore the remarkable accomplishments of Miss Rotorua contestants who have gained international recognition.


Learn about their global influence and the positive changes they continue to inspire.

Leonie Pargeter: 1st Runner up MRS CONTINENTS WORLD / Las Vegas
Preslee Stevens: Miss Rengecy Teen Finalist / Las Vegas
Te Rua Wallce: NZ Rep for WORLD Indigenous UN Conference / Washington DC
Promise Royal: Miss Universe Contestant / Thailand.
 Charissa Rehu: Miss Universe Contestant / Thailand
Marie Rueben: Winner of Model of the Year / New York Fashion Week
Nicole Agnew: New York Fashion Week Model 2019

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